Thumb or Finger on The Blue Nib

Well, would you believe after only my second ever attempt at sending out a poetry submission, I've had one accepted and published online? Shocker, I know. Still can barely believe it myself. My prose poem (no, I didn't really know that was a thing either) all about wishing on eyelashes has been featured on the… Continue reading Thumb or Finger on The Blue Nib

The Granny Diaries Part Two: a letter for (second) Mother’s Day

Good afternoon O, M and L! Across the world in your current home countries one or two of you N's might still be sleeping as I begin to write this post, it's around 3:45am and 5:45am where you are, 2:45pm for me. Last night when I went to bed I set an alarm for 5am… Continue reading The Granny Diaries Part Two: a letter for (second) Mother’s Day

Baggy the Bard #14: Always Here

Although it feels like a lot longer in so many ways, it was only just over a month ago that I was in Scotland to celebrate my best friend's wedding. I was honoured to be asked to say a few words on the big day, acknowledging those who could not be with us to enjoy… Continue reading Baggy the Bard #14: Always Here

Baggy the Bard #13: 1094

Today is mine and Uncle Rob's 3rd wedding anniversary. It is also a day that people all around New Zealand are using to prepare for lockdown, as we approach Alert Level 4 status from midnight tomorrow.  We have kept up with the traditional anniversary gifts thus far with paper and cotton, so this year should… Continue reading Baggy the Bard #13: 1094

Baggy the Bard #11: Tiger-Jim

Wee Jem is the baby in his family and it shows. He still gobbles down his dinner as if he knows one of his six siblings will be waiting to scoff it. Oh come off it now, just relax and chew. Nobody is timing you.   Jembo loves fixing things and tinkering with cars He… Continue reading Baggy the Bard #11: Tiger-Jim

Baggy the Bard #9: Family

Merry Christmas N's! Hope you are enjoying the holidays. From the photos and videos that I'm being sent of you guys it looks like you are having the best time. It's great to see your smiling faces on Skype and feel like we are in the same room even just for a minute or two.… Continue reading Baggy the Bard #9: Family

Baggy the Bard #7: The Queen of 68

To O, M and baby L. This one's in memory of your Great Granny, my Granny Teazy. I can't be sure that my recollections of her stories as I've retold them here are 100% accurate or factual, but I hope this poem gives you a bit of a feel for who she was - a… Continue reading Baggy the Bard #7: The Queen of 68