Baggy the Bard #16: LOUD

This next poem is maybe the longest I’ve ever written, about 765 words I think – but also one of the quickest that ever rushed out of me and was finished in a couple of days. The shape and length of this one means I chose to upload screenshots of the words rather than type it out into the body of this blog so it’s a little different to my usual format.

Often, when I ask people to describe me in three words or less, ‘loud’ will be one of those words. I never know whether to take it as something good, bad or indifferent. I think it depends on the person, why they’re saying it and whether or not they would want me to change. Uncle Rob calls me loud and he’s just stating fact, so I don’t mind it so much. He’s so quiet sometimes that we balance each other out. What I do mind is people who would much rather I keep quiet, or think I have no place speaking up, because, I mean really, what do I know? This poem is dedicated to any of the people (particularly those in positions of authority) who have ever wished that I was quiet or looked down their noses at my small stature and assumed that I didn’t have anything big to say. Hard luck.



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