Baggy the Bard #15: Quarantine for keeps

Another one of the poems that came out of the #writewithrupi workshop that I did recently was this poem about our time in quarantine and what I want to take away from it. Things that being in lockdown has helped me discover for and about myself. As we are already in Day 4 of Level 2 in New Zealand, I can feel how easy it would be to naturally slide back into patterns and routines that are familiar, but not necessarily serving me. If nothing else, this period has been an incredible opportunity for self-reflection. Hopefully I can come back to this piece whenever I need to make sure I’m living consciously and to know that at least some small positive can and will come from this.

Quarantine: things I want for keeps
It’s not as scary as I thought to be


every once in a while.

To embrace the stillness and quiet and just be me without a pressing task,

To not glorify busy-ness and pass it off as being more productive than it ever really was.

I want to remember how much effort it takes to just look after myself each day and do the things I need to do to keep myself healthy,

happy, sane, clean, clothed, fed, watered, fit, fulfilled.

The work that I have done on myself, for myself, is just as worthy as any paying job,

A labour of love for myself that I may never have had the chance for if the whole world had not been forced to take a minute to stand still,

To reasses what a day means and what it is worth to me.

I’ve been restored to factory settings to approach life from a new-old perspective.



3 thoughts on “Baggy the Bard #15: Quarantine for keeps”

    1. Still feels like a late realisation to me, so much wasted time. Learning it is one thing but translating that into doing things a bit differently when things go back to ‘normal’ will be the real challenge. Worth a try though!


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