Baggy the Bard #13: 1094

Today is mine and Uncle Rob’s 3rd wedding anniversary. It is also a day that people all around New Zealand are using to prepare for lockdown, as we approach Alert Level 4 status from midnight tomorrow.  We have kept up with the traditional anniversary gifts thus far with paper and cotton, so this year should have been leather. With the state the world is in at the moment, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that we won’t be celebrating this one the way we might’ve hoped to, but I wanted to commemorate it all the same. The only things I really have an abundance of right now are love for him and the words to share it.



One thousand and ninety four days since our wedding

(the last five in self isolation)

and thanks to this virus that half the world’s shedding

we’ll soon be locked down as a nation.

It’s scary and weird and a bit like a dream

I can’t quite believe that it’s true

but as my world shrinks and gets cinched at the seams

I’m so glad I’m in it with you.

Four weeks, so they tell us, inside of these walls

and that’s only if we behave

I know there’ll be moments when we’ll have a ball

as much as we’ll rant and we’ll rave.

We’ll do what we always do when things get tough;

we’ll be one another’s support

to have you and a roof overhead is enough

(and that leftover bottle of port)

This year may feel different to those gone before

three years should have meant gifts of leather

but no matter what this world might have in store

I know we’ll get through it together.



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