Baggy the Bard #10: Indebted

It’s been a busy start to 2019 and not without some difficulties, hence the lack of inspirational blog posts. This poem is dedicated to all of the friends around me who have helped me through some hard times in the last few months, Uncle Rob included and others who know who they are. If I was to suggest a nugget of wisdom to take from this one for you N’s it might be Life tip #18: Don’t just appreciate the people who support you through the hard stuff – learn from their example so that you can support others in their time of need.



Just as we wait for blackest night

To see the stars persistent

So a true friend’s light ignites

As we face our darkest instant

Just when it seems that wrong and right

Have become so cruelly twisted

It’s then I find you shining bright

Supportive and consistent

On days I feel I cannot cope

And time just seems to slow

You fill me up with warmth and hope

Sustain me with your glow

Give traction to my slippery slope

Allow my resolve to grow

And when I think I’m out of rope

You’ve got a lifeline to throw

You reel me in and prop me up

Remind me of my worth

Make sure that I refill my cup

Bring me back down to earth

Help me to stay strong and tough

Against the deepest hurt

Show me I am brave enough

To face those who sling the dirt

Your solidarity is stellar

An impenetrable bubble

Forming ties no one can sever

Pulling me up from the rubble

And though I hope you never

Have to go through any trouble

Know I’m here for you whenever

Ready to repay you double



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