Trying something new… and hanging in there!

I've recently started going to aerial silks classes (and before you ask, YES this is 100% because of how much I want to run away and join the circus after seeing The Greatest Showman) and today I thought I'd write a post about it. This way you guys can follow how I'm getting on with… Continue reading Trying something new… and hanging in there!

Baggy the Bard #4: Paper Love

To Rob, on our first anniversary.   Paper love It started in the paper with a crossword and some clues, I nearly burst with joy when you said yes. It wasn’t long from that day til we both said our ‘I do’s in front of all our most beloved guests. We signed a piece of… Continue reading Baggy the Bard #4: Paper Love

Baggy the Bard #3: Nine and Twenty

So tomorrow I turn 29 and I have to admit I've been in denial about it, trying to pretend it isn't happening. I can't believe the last year of my twenties has crept up on me this quickly! Where did that decade go? Anyway, since there's nothing I can do to stop it, I thought… Continue reading Baggy the Bard #3: Nine and Twenty