Baggy the Bard #2: Superstition admonition

Superstition admonition

It’s a game of snakes and ladders when you’re balancing good fortune,
So here’s some tips and tricks to help you take the right precautions.
These dos and don’ts should help you up the rungs without much pressure.
You may already know them, but it’s worth a quick refresher:
There’s seven years of hardship if you break your own reflection,
Avoid approaching fairy forts, its for your own protection,
Woe betide you should you ever step upon a crack,
(in case you didn’t know – that move will break your mother’s back),
Keep your brolly safely stowed until you get outdoors,
Remember when you’re walking you should never cross four shores,
An itchy nose predicts a fight so get it over quickly,
A Doc leaf will relieve the stings of nettles long and prickly,
Don’t forget to greet a magpie should he cross your path,
If you fail to do so then prepare to feel his wrath,
Hang a horseshoe up above your door and you’ll have plenty,
Just don’t hang it upside down or else you’ll find it empty,
If you lose your grip and accidentally spill the salt,
Throw a pinch over your shoulder and you’re no longer at fault,
You may have proudly purchased a new shiny pair of shoes,
But keep them off the table or you’ll have a lot to lose,
Stray eyelashes and dandelions are rather good resources,
Just make a wish and blow so they can work their magic forces,
If your ears are burning someone somewhere speaks your name,
If you get the shivers someone’s walking on your grave,
If you get the hiccups and they’re multiplying fast,
Be sure to drink your water from the wrong side of the glass,
If you’re at the beach trying to build the best sandcastle,
Bribe it with some stout to save yourself a lot of hassle,
When giving friends a gift such as a wallet or a purse,
Make sure you hansel handsomely to stop a paupers curse,
Keep frowning brows and out-stuck tongues and grimaces at bay,
For if the wind should change, my dear, your face will stick that way.
Heed these solemn warnings, or ignore them if you choose,
But now you know the rules of luck, the luck is yours to lose.


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