Baggy the Bard #23: Hind sight

A light-hearted piece today, about a moment on my commute to work this week that made me smile. Uncle Rob, who was in the passenger seat at the time, suggested it would be the perfect subject for a poem. I thought that was a silly idea at first and then I remembered that I really… Continue reading Baggy the Bard #23: Hind sight

Baggy the Bard #22: Bedtime chat

Bedtime chat I turn my head to look him in the eye before I ask him "Do you think I'm crazy?" He hesitates, then smiles before responding "Do you think you are?" I say "That's not an answer", (now I know he thinks I am) "Don't dodge the question." Still avoiding it, he says "I… Continue reading Baggy the Bard #22: Bedtime chat

Baggy the Bard #21: It Destroys You

Hi N's, it's been a while. I'd like to say it's because I've been busy being super creative, writing and making lots of stuff, but actually it's because I've been trying to allow myself time to not be busy. Time to do nothing (which I am not very good at). Time to let ideas flow… Continue reading Baggy the Bard #21: It Destroys You

LOUD: performance video available online (21 – 24 August ONLY) Tickets $25 NZD + fees

I thought some of you may like to know that one of my poems that I shared here on here not so long ago, (#16: Loud) has been included in my submission to the (Virtual) Nelson Fringe festival! This means that you get to see a recording of me performing the poem on stage, along… Continue reading LOUD: performance video available online (21 – 24 August ONLY) Tickets $25 NZD + fees

Thumb or Finger on The Blue Nib

Well, would you believe after only my second ever attempt at sending out a poetry submission, I've had one accepted and published online? Shocker, I know. Still can barely believe it myself. My prose poem (no, I didn't really know that was a thing either) all about wishing on eyelashes has been featured on the… Continue reading Thumb or Finger on The Blue Nib

Baggy the Bard #20: All-day Bravery Buffet

All-day Bravery Buffet Bravery is in my bones, passed down from those before me. I whip it up, a made-to-order marrow-meal and carve it while you wait, served by-the-morsel. Would it make more sense if I had reservations? Maybe. Still, say what you want about my bravery. No, it may not be gourmet and yes,… Continue reading Baggy the Bard #20: All-day Bravery Buffet

Baggy the Bard #19: Wet/Dry

Dry my wet cheeks with a piece of dry cloth or dry tissue or paper or anything but your own wet eyes - you wept adding more to the wet - now it's me that must dry for you and now this cloth is much too saturated to soak us both up, so we wring… Continue reading Baggy the Bard #19: Wet/Dry

Baggy the Bard #18 – The Making of Me: amateur gut interpreter

Below, as promised, is the third poem that I wrote during one of Rupi Kaur's Instagram Live workshops over lockdown. Rupi provided us with the title for this one ("The Making of Me") to which I've added a subheading that I feel fits mine - "Amateur gut interpreter". The prompts for this one were all… Continue reading Baggy the Bard #18 – The Making of Me: amateur gut interpreter

Baggy the Bard #16: LOUD

This next poem is maybe the longest I’ve ever written, about 765 words I think - but also one of the quickest that ever rushed out of me and was finished in a couple of days. The shape and length of this one means I chose to upload screenshots of the words rather than type… Continue reading Baggy the Bard #16: LOUD